Erin makes a lot of transactions. Her pursuit to unlock information is at least mostly for good, not evil. She currently resides in NYC.
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First Animal to Survive in Space

First Animal to Survive in Space

Watch my ep of Spaced Out! Mike Shaw is a quiet unassuming man in love with the wilderness. He also knows far more about tardigrades then almost anyone. These microscopic creatures, whose name comes from the German for “slow walker,” and who are sometimes called “water bears,” after their bear-like gait, are biological oddities. While...
Free the Network - Trailer

Free the Network – Trailer

For the past 6 months my colleague Brian Anderson and I have been making a film about Technology. Part occupy, part open source, and all Motherboard we are finally about finished with it. Master Editor (Chris O’Coin) whipped up this trailer for us to send out. The film premieres March 22 in NYC. You can read Brian’s...